Work on New Version Begins

Work on New Version Begins

From this month onwards, I plan to make incremental changes to this website. You may not notice these changes initially, but I will be working behind the scenes over the coming months to implement some major changes. I hope to have this site at version 5 by Christmas, and get there one small step at a time. I will keep you posted.

I would also like to thank everyone for their e-mails, and I will do most best to reply to all of them. I am receiving an ever increasing amount of mail these days through this site, so you might notice a delay in terms of receiving a reply, sorry! Hopefully the forthcoming members forum here will allow you to receive help from other members with your queries...

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I have been writing about web technology and software development since 2001. I am the developer of the Alpha Framework for PHP, and the Five.Today personal productivity app. I love open source, technology, and economics. You can follow updates from this blog on Twitter.

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