Looking towards 5.2

Looking towards 5.2

I am presently working on the next version of Design-Ireland, version 5.2, which will bring with it the following enhancements:

  • RSS and Atom news feeds for this news section, and a separate feed for content updates
  • The ability to search news items using the search engine as well as articles
  • The ability to generate PDF versions of articles
  • An optional front controller for allowing shorter and securer URLs to content and other resources

These new features are actually additions to the Alpha Framework rather than this website per-say, so they are being built to be as generic and flexible as possible.

Progress on this work and other work on Alpha is trudging along, but social, career and sporting commitments are really eating into my time lately, so I am often frustrated that I cannot do more work on the framework to bring it towards a 1.0 release, even an alpha or beta release would be nice ;-)

I am committed however to building all of my future web-related projects around this framework, so I am in it for the long haul. Hopefully some of the more advanced features of Alpha which will be showcased on this website and others will convince other web developers to take a serious look at Alpha once it is released.

As for when will it be released? When its done!

John Collins

I have been writing about web technology and software development since 2001. I am the developer of the Alpha Framework for PHP. I love open source, technology, and economics. You can follow updates from this blog on Twitter.

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