Saitek PZ08A Gamers Keyboard

Saitek PZ08A Gamers Keyboard

Recently I was having a lot of grief with my wireless keyboard, even on full batteries, so I decided to give up my my wireless input devices for now (I had previously given up on a wireless mouse due to poor responsiveness when the batteries were low). Temporarily I have been using an old (circa 1998) serial keyboard to tide me over, until the new keyboard I have on order from Komplett arrives:

Saitek PZ08A Gamers Keyboard

Fuller review here:

Saitek PC Gaming Keyboard Review

Appart from the funky looks, the things that appealed to me the most were:

  1. Its wired.
  2. It has a standard keyboard layout, including a large backspace key.
  3. Its back-lit.

The additional programmable punch pad looks like a bit of a gimmick, but I might give it a go for games if I can find room on my rather small desk.

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