Skype Mobile Phone on the way from 3 Ireland

Skype Mobile Phone on the way from 3 Ireland

The new 3 Skypephone is planned for a UK release on the 2nd of November '07, and other countries (including Ireland) after that. It will allow you to use the Skype client software that you would normally use on your computer on a 3G-enabled mobile phone. More details:

3 Skypephone

This is likely to be a real winner for Skype users, as you can make free voice over IP calls to other Skype users from your mobile, and also use Skype instant messaging (although I have yet to find a mobile that I enjoyed typing a text message on, let alone a quick instant message conversation).

3 Ireland are already advertising the phones on their website:

Skype on your 3Pay phone

I will be tempted to get an upgrade when these arrive in Ireland, as it should cut down on my phone bill considerably.

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