Riak developers interviewed on FLOSS Weekly

Riak developers interviewed on FLOSS Weekly

Riak is another of the new generation of NoSQL databases, that promises large levels of performance and scalability on large, intensive systems. I have worked on several large-scale websites that have hit relational database performance bottlenecks over time, so I am interested in the NoSQL movement as an alternative to RDBMS but so far have found it inaccessible.

FLOSS Weekly interviewed some of the developers of Riak recently, and I found them to be engaging and articulate in explaining Riak and NoSQL in general. You can listen to the podcast here: FLOSS 129: Riak.

Riak has a lot of different clients, including PHP and Ruby, so my favourite languages are covered which encourages me to give it a try. It will be interesting over time to see which NoSQL databases become dominant, as of right now with alternatives like MongoDB, CouchDB, and Riak, there seems to be a lot of competition for mind-share in this relatively new space.

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