Some exciting new features coming in webOS 2.0

Some exciting new features coming in webOS 2.0 have published some screen shots from the forthcoming webOS 2.0 release. In these, we can see that the following new features are coming:

  • Quick Office - editing a document on a Palm Pre might not make a lot of sense, but editing a document on the forthcoming "Palm Pad" would be very nice indeed.
  • VPN - including Cisco support, this is very nice! Again it does not make much sense on the small screen on the Pre, but on a 7" pad it would be extremely useful for mobile LAN access.
  • DropBox - it would appear that the Quick Office app will be able to access documents from your online DropBox account (amongst others).
  • Skype - finally! I use this service everyday for messaging, so can't wait for this to be added.

What is not clear is when this version of the operating system will become available, and whether or not it will be made available for existing webOS devices like the Pre and Pixi.

You can see the screen shots here: webOS 2.0 Screenshots drop: Quickoffice, VPN, more

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