New Facebook commenting system may be compelling for publishers

New Facebook commenting system may be compelling for publishers

Facebook has recently launched a new commenting system for websites outside of Facebook, which allows websites around the Internet to include a JavaScript widget on their pages that enables people to post comments on these pages using their Facebook accounts.

There are a number of clear benefits in this system over Disqus (which I currently use on this website), or a "roll your own" alternative, such as:

  • A lot more users of the Internet have Facebook accounts in comparison any other platform out there, and it is likely that they will already have a session with Facebook when they visit your site, greatly reducing the barrier to entry for placing a comment.
  • When a user posts a comment on your site, their comment along with a link back to your website will be placed in the user's Facebook feed for their Facebook friends to see, which is likely to create a viral lift by drawing other users into visiting your site.

Right now I am planning to stick with Disqus because I like it's simple and elegant interface, however it will be interested to see if the larger sites out there that are currently using Disqus will make the switch to Facebook in the months ahead.

Wired have a good overview of the new system from Facebook here: Singel-Minded: Facebook Comments Are Another ‘Good News, Bad News’ Proposition

You can view a video from Facebook of the commenting system in action here: Improved Comments on Other Sites

Finally, here is the official page from Facebook on their comments system: Comments

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