Alpha Framework 1.0 Released

Alpha Framework 1.0 Released

After a concerted effort in recent weeks to get the documentation and remaining code fixes in place in Alpha to finalize a 1.0 release, I am happy to announce that it is now available for download from the framework's website:

Alpha is my first foray into releasing software under an open source license. I hope to follow up with a number of further releases this year, adding more features and continuing to tune the code base to improve performance and security. I have been working on the Alpha Framework for some five years now part time, so for me it is very much a long term project.

Here are some interesting statistics about the development of Alpha:

  • Total source code files: 170
  • Total lines of code: 40,751
  • Total lines of code, less comments: 20,879
  • Distribution zip archive file size: 5.76 MB
  • Unit tests: 190
  • First SVN commit: 30th November 2006
  • Number of SVN commits: 1,351

John Collins

I have been writing about web technology and software development since 2001. I am the developer of the Alpha Framework for PHP. I love open source, technology, and economics. You can follow updates from this blog on Twitter.

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