European Founders at Work

European Founders at Work

I am a big fan of the original Founders at Work book (I reviewed it here previously), and now it seems that a European variant has been published:

European Founders at Work

I am really looking forward to reading this one, as there are some interesting companies listing in the table of contents from the Amazon page:

       1. MessageLabs
       2. Shazam
       3. XING
       4. Business Objects
       5. TweetDeck
       6. Balsamiq
       7. Dailymotion
       9. amiando
      10. Prezi
      11. Video Island (LOVEFiLM)
      12. The Next Web
      13. Seedcamp
      14. Yandex
      16. Startupbootcamp
      17. Fon
      19. Seesmic and LeWeb
      20. SoundCloud

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