The Internship

Some thoughts on the movie The Internship.

At the weekend I made the mistake of watching The Internship. I knew it would be terrible, I just did not realize how terrible it would be. The movie made me hate my whole industry because I knew that there were elements of truth in it, such as:

  • The holy reverence that some engineers are treated with (see "The Head of Search" scene).
  • The Eloi-like quality of the employees on the Google campus (young, attractive, physically active, fruit eating...).
  • The blind fate in the corporation self image, with constant references to whether or not something contained enough "Googliness".
  • The blind fate that getting some business onto the Internet is an automatic improvement of said business (see the pizza parlour sales pitch scene).

Naturally with this being a Hollywood movie, there were a number of scenes in this movie that were way off the mark, like the challenge that the interns must undertake to man a phone support line for Google users, which of course does not actually exist.

My overall feeling however is that this movie might represent a cultural high point in terms of Google's relentlessly pervasive public relations assault to prove to us all that they are out to change the World for the better, one ad click at a time. At least I hope so.

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