The most important element of Scrum is the daily scrum

The daily scrum meeting gets people talking!

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"members can become silos of information, in some extreme cases black holes where information...goes to die."

The more I work within teams that use the scrum1 process, or at least try to adopt it, the more I believe that the daily scrum meeting is the most important element. The simple act of gathering each day to communicate to your team what you done yesterday, and what you intend to do today, is in itself a massive win.

I say this as someone who has worked in teams that completely malfunctioned, mainly due to personality issues and a reluctance to communicate. Team members can become silos of information, in some extreme cases black holes where information useful to the rest of the team goes to die.

Getting team members to openly share their work-in-progress, and to flag any blocking issues they have, is a vital part of scrum or indeed any team management process. If that is the only part of scrum that a team implements, then at least it has gotten them talking to one another.


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