Five Reasons Not To Raise Venture Capital

A great post on why you should avid taking money from a VC fund.

As a fan of bootstrapping a start-up, I love this article by Rachel Chalmers:

Five Reasons Not To Raise Venture Capital

There are so many brilliant quotes in that piece:

"The game is rigged. The pathology of Silicon Valley is that the winners have so much ego invested in pretending that it isn’t."

"It’s hard for people who pride themselves on their exceptional smartness to acknowledge the fact that they are much luckier than they are smart."

On VCs:

"What they are doing is optimizing for a very specific outcome. Share that alignment, or don’t take their money."

If you are enamored with the idea of doing a start-up to get VC investment and then cashing out quickly on exit, go read this post.

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