Alpha Framework 2.0 Beta

The 2.0 beta release of the Alpha Framework for PHP is now available.

After 1 year and 522 commits, the Alpha Framework 2.0 branch is now code-complete. Here is the list of main features from the README:

  • A set of complex data types that have built-in validation checks, mappings to database field types, and UI widgets.
  • An active record interface with support for MySQL and SQLite.
  • A rendering interface with support for HTML and JSON (for developing APIs).
  • A caching interface with support for APCu, Redis, and Memcache.
  • A CRUD controller to take care of most of your data management needs.
  • A front controller, abstract controller, and elegant request routing interface.
  • Request/response classes.
  • A full admin UI and installation UI.
  • RSS and Atom feed generation.
  • A built-in Markdown-based CMS with article voting and commenting.
  • A built-in search engine with tagging support (including tag clouds, free-text search, find similar...).
  • Strong security features (short-live form encryption tokens to prevent cross-site requests, encryption tokens on images to prevent cross-site embedding, HTTP request filters to block agents or IPs...).
  • Complete logging solution, including optional user audit trail.
  • Build-in application back-up task along with support for other, custom tasks.

The framework will retain the "beta" tag while I continue to do some testing, which mainly consists of building an actual real application using Alpha 2.0 (more on that later). For now, check out the README on Github for all of the details:

John Collins

I have been writing about web technology and software development since 2001. I am the developer of the Alpha Framework for PHP. I love open source, technology, and economics. You can follow updates from this blog on Twitter.

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