Progress update on adding PHP7 support in Alpha 3.0.0

The latest status on the effort to migrate the Alpha Framework to PHP7

Work is progressing nicely on upgrading the Alpha Framework to support PHP7. The main change I needed to make was renaming the Alpha\Model\Type\String class to Alpha\Model\Type\SmallText, due to String being a reserved word in PHP7 now. I now have all of the unit tests passing again on the develop branch, and have progressed onto application-level testing which is also passing. The net result is that I now have a build of Alpha running on PHP7 if you want to take it early for testing:

develop branch on Github

It is not release-ready however as I will take this opportunity of making a major incremental release of Alpha to introduce some further backwards-incompatible improvements, the full list of planned changes are here:

Alpha Framework 3.0.0 milestone on Github

The aim is to have Alpha 3.0.0 release-ready by the end of February 2017.

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